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Mar 13, 2022

MiNiGAME: Skyblock Beta Map

MiNiGAME: Skyblock Beta Map

MiNiGAME 2.0 | Beta Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the public beta release of MiNiGAME 2.0 will be available starting tomorrow - March 13th at 2PM EST!

Our main objective for the beta is to allow a broader group of users to test our current features, and evaluate for any changes in the next major update! A trailer will also be out early this week showcasing exactly what you can expect on our 2.0 launch.

This post will cover many of the changes we've made since our last map, which is a lot – so buckle up, get some popcorn, and enjoy this changelog!

The Main Information:

Island Size: 5 man
Roster Size: 8 max
Roster Kicks: 3
Island Top: Small PayPal Payouts, Mainly Buycraft (see below)

Beautiful New Spawn!

Simplified Messages and Color Scheme

New Delivery Man!

The delivery man is waiting for you daily with 4 potential crate keys!
All you have to do is link your discord using /discord link.

Beta Map Payouts

#1 $15 PayPal | $30 Buycraft
#2 $5 PayPal | $20 Buycraft
#3 $15 Buycraft
#4 $10 Buycraft
#5 $5 Buycraft

Printer is Perfected

We've added a new /printer mode and enabled Badlion Client printer.

Shoutout to Jamie Asprey, Ross Asprey, case, and MTatt for being some of our most active beta testers.


Rule Changes

Firstly, we understand a lot of miscommunication happened last map with our rules. Thus, we've decided to do a major overhaul on them. Click the link below to read our new rules:

Here are the main changes we've made:

Re-structured the island strike system (thanks Emmanuele)
Implemented a roster system, so rotating is now allowed!
Decreased alt limit per island from 5 -> 4.
Implemented captcha systems for mining/farming, for less staff involvement in individual islands
Now, we will no longer refund items lost due to bugs, lag, downtime, or other issues. The reasoning for this is, players can lie and our network is heavily stress tested & bug tested.

If you have any question on a rule, it's best to create a ticket in our Discord (discord.gg/minigame) and ask before you try something!

Economy Changes

The best strategy for your island this map will be mining and farming. This is because we've heavily nerfed spawner drop prices.

Here are the main changes we've made to the eco:

Buffed sugarcane
Buffed all minerals
Villager and Witch spawners can no longer be purchased in /shop, only obtained from mining/farming or monthly crates/crate keys.

New Events

Any donator can now host an event using /event host. There is a cooldown of 1 hour.

You can host events such as Sumo, One in the Chamber, Spleef, TNT Tag, and more!

View all our events with the new /events GUI:



  • Implemented a brand new Skyblock Core (Thank you to Spin for heavily testing with us!)
  • Fixed all mob-stacking issues last map.
  • IGs now spawn with 0.5 health, but DO NOT die from fall damage.
  • Completely overhauled our economy
  • Introduced private island mines
  • Added new economy, Coins, for pickaxe upgrades
  • New spawn and color scheme
  • New chat events
  • New player-hosted events such as Sumo, TNT Run, Spleef, & more
  • Fixed outpost issues
  • Fixed boosters, now there are 3 boosters (EXP, Mob Drop, Spawner boost)
  • Added a new harveter hoe system
  • Added new Essence event for harvester hoes
  • Introduced new economy for harvester hoe upgrades: Essence
  • Simplified economy with new GUIs & holograms explaining everything
  • Added per-world scoreboards
  • Fixed all PVP and combat tag related bugs from last map
  • Added bosses, and auto-spawning bosses in warzone
  • Created 2 new crates (WILD & ADMIN) in an effort to balance crate economy due to last map's Island Packages making islands too OP
  • Removed value blocks such as Gold/Iron/Diamond/Emerald and added Sponge
  • Created /shop sponge to buy sponge for $1,000,000
  • Removed Villager/Witch from /shop spawners
  • Buffed mineral sell prices
  • Buffed farming sell prices
  • Nerfed spawner drop sell prices
  • Added new delivery man & removed daily rewards
  • Added /discord link, so you can show off your cool donor ranks in Discord
  • Removed ability to buy cosmetic crates with eco
  • Fixed some crates not giving the correct items
  • Added chunk loaders, in an effort to reduce alts
  • Fixed all collector-related issues (with our new core)
  • Added new /roster system
  • New mob stacking max size is 1000
  • Fixed KOTH loot from last map
  • Revamped Island Packages
  • Added new ADMIN monthly crate
  • Revamped monthly crate
  • Added a new Bundle GKIT
  • Added /jackpot
  • Added all mob drops to collectors
  • Fixed captcha system for harvester hoes
  • Introduced new mining captcha system
  • Upgraded all hardware + increased server security
  • Implemented new security practices for all staff members
  • Added back our queue system
  • General network infrastructure changes
  • Allowed all donor ranks to reroll crate keys
  • Allowed all donor ranks to /event host
  • Added NPC to preview lootboxes at spawn
  • Fixed an issue where trapped chests couldn't open
  • Added item for all new players to learn more about the realm
  • Added better jump pads
  • Made crate & monthly crate rewards better
  • Introduced new spawner stacking system
  • Added /side, choose between a Cowboy vs Indian for perks
  • Fixed random timing out issues
  • Added new tags

Summary: Biggest Changes

We've heavily simplified our gameplay

In past maps, the economy got confusing, and we wanted to make everything as clear as possible this map.

So, here are some of the GUI's we've introduced to help you learn more about Skyblock Cowboys vs Indians! Yee haw!





New Website Unveil!

Know who your competition is quickly, by checking out the current in-game statistics with the new leaderboards feature! In-game statistics will be mirrored straight from in-game to our website; island tops, balance tops! You name it - you can see it!


Our leaderboards system is being revamped and will be out shortly following our 2.0 launch.

Fun Economy

We know that holding your left click button to make a couple bucks can get very boring.

In addition to our mining economy, you can look forward to in-game events that will help boost your wallet, and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Essence Event

One of the examples of our new fun economy would be our essence event!

Players will challenge each other in a 5 minute-long competition to see who can mine the most amount of sugar cane, rewarding in a generous prize!

New PVP Events

While Skyblock may not necessarily be PvP oriented, we've decided to bring back some fun player versus player elements into our beta!

Experience the new additions with both boss, and PvP events on our beta map during it's release @ March 13th, 2PM EST!

Check out one of our new events, called the Vault, where you maneuver your way through a maze - finding OP loot hidden in chests!

Upgraded Hardware & Security

In addition to our consistent content updates, and system administration, we've brought on two more members to our development team! Our hardware has been heavily upgraded to be able to support the large influx of players that we're expecting in our 2.0 beta release!

Bedrock support has also been added to the game! This will be implemented before our 2.0 launch.

Advanced AI-based Captcha Technology

We understand, and have understood the frustration of scripters being apart of island tops, especially the auto-farmers. We've heard you, and made some top-of-the-line changes to our software, by adding a captcha feature in-game! People that are caught, will instantly be punished to prevent any advantages to their island!

Bug Collection

To ensure an excellent release, as well as to keep it on schedule, we encourage all users of the beta release to report any bugs, issues or errors!

We also encourage you to test all of our new features, as we want everything smoothly running for our big release.

Our development is team is looking forward to hearing both positive, and critical feedback on your gameplay, so please let us know how it goes!

Sunday, March 13th at 2PM EST – our beta is unveiled to the world.

See you there.

IP: miniga.me

Click to join Discord