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Aug 5, 2022

Introducing Carnival SMP: Saturday, August 6th @ 3PM EST

Introducing Carnival SMP: Saturday, August 6th @ 3PM EST

Are you ready? Our fresh new Carnival SMP realm will be coming to MiNiGAME tomorrow!

For our competitive players.. not to fear, as we have a new Lifesteal realm in the works too.. but more on that another day!


We'll be running on the latest version of Minecraft, 1.19.0.

Thanks to our custom jar and codebase, we've been able to heavily optimize this version to ensure a lag-free & smooth new experience for you all.

➜ New hub & style

➜ Built-in levelling system

➜ Playtime Rewards

➜ Pinata Parties

➜ Weekly Community Events

➜ Balanced Economy

➜ 1:500 Earth replica world

➜ New Leaderboard Rewards

➜ New Gambling Features


Playtime, Coins Top, Bal Top

#1: $100 Store Voucher

#2: $50 Store Voucher

#3: $25 Store Voucher

Fun fact, this is the first casual gamemode we've released on MiNiGAME since 2017!

I'm very excited to release this to you all, as there's a lot of fun & custom content I know you guys will love.

We're aiming for a chill, laid-back release. Hop on, check it out, start your adventure, and make some new friends! That's what Carnival SMP is all about.
I really hope to see all of you all on :)

We'll be enabling Bedrock support on Monday, for now you will only be able to join on Java.

IP: miniga.me

REALM OPENS: Saturday, August 6th at 3PM EST